Payment Management

Streamline and Centralise Payments and Bank Communication

The FinanceSuite Payment Management solution helps to optimise your group-wide payments through centrally managed and automated processes. The powerful technology for all payment flows includes highly secure bank communication capabilities directly from your SAP system. The solution is compatible with SEPA and offers a wide range of national and international bank communication standards. The software is also certified by SWIFT. You will benefit from a complete and real-time overview of all group-wide payments and electronic bank statements for your SAP and non-SAP companies. Whether your company uses just one SAP installation or whether you want to set up a complete payment factory – the FinanceSuite Payment Management solution can include all payment types and is easily configured to your individual requirements.

For those companies in the SEPA area that use direct debiting systems and that will thus be required by EU regulation to provide an efficient mandate management from 1 February 2014, Hanse Orga has developed an ideal software. Find out more about our FinanceSuite Mandate Management in our SEPA section.



  • Wide range of bank connectivity options and readily available formats
  • SWIFT certified
  • Compatible with SEPA
  • Global real-time overview of group-wide transactions
  • Central payment platform: centralisation and optimisation
  • Efficiency and high levels of Straight Through Processing
  • Very strong security and full end-to-end audit trail
  • Inclusion of SAP and non-SAP companies

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