Cloud Offerings

Cloud computing allows companies to scale with ease. They can pay for as much as they use whether it be processing, storage or other Cloud services. The Cloud brings a high level of automation to tasks that in the past were not possible, which can save companies time and money.

The Cloud delivers unparalleled agility, efficiency and innovation but only when implemented through a comprehensive Cloud strategy. We have designed, developed and implemented Cloud solutions for enterprise customers as well as for SMBs across a variety of industries. This broad perspective provides our clients with unprecedented insights into what is required to leverage its full potential.

From determining the business case for moving to the Cloud, to designing, deploying and managing complex Cloud initiatives, we provide a full suite of consulting, training and technology solutions for Amazon Web Services and Windows Azure:

  • TCO/ROI Analysis

    • Companies are adopting the Cloud not only to improve scalability, elasticity and agility, but also to reduce IT costs. We have a deep understanding of the complexities of building and operating public clouds and can help you uncover the financial benefits of moving your IT resources onto the Cloud.

  • Cloud Security Analysis

    • We provide a deep understanding of the complexities of building and operating Cloud solutions and recognize that every Cloud implementation brings with it unique security and operational considerations as well as challenges.

  • Application Migration

    • From assessment through onboarding, we provide services and methodologies to help accelerate your application migration to the Cloud. We have years of experience determining what works best on AWS/Azure.


  • Application development on the Cloud

    • We offer a complete range of architecture, delivery and application modernization blueprints to help you develop more effectively on the Cloud. Leverage our best practices, methodologies and design patterns to deliver high performance cloud-native applications quickly, with full support for optimized Cloud models.

  • Cloud DevOps:

    • We provide a full set of AWS/Azure specific solutions for managing both production and dev/test environments. Our managed services approach means your applications run better and cheaper on the Cloud.

  • Extending your existing Data Center to the Cloud

    • Use the power of the Cloud to quickly and elastically provision new servers for your applications without the need to buy additional server into your data center.

  • Training

    • Training for AWS certifications.

    • AWS/Azure training